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Senior Design Director, Originate
June 2014 – October 2015

Deliver on-demand healthcare to children.

CricketCare simplifies the healthcare experience, bringing care to families when and where they need it.


CricketCare gives access to quality, personal healthcare, and empowers parents to take better care of their children. Although a parent with a sick child has several alternatives for accessing medical care, the CricketCare model stands out as a convenient, efficient, comfortable way to obtain high-quality care for kids. The level of service and time spent with the patient and family provides the comfort and peace of mind not always possible in the typical office visit, which usually only lasts around 10-12 minutes.

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CricketCare partners with the best healthcare providers, offering high quality, experienced, licensed and background-checked medical professionals. These vetted clinicians will come to your home, usually within an hour, and are covered by most insurance plans.


In 2015, I was leading multiple design and user experience client projects as Creative Director at Originate, a technology and software consultancy that designs and builds transformative products. For this CricketCare project, I oversaw the user experience, branding, and product design for this new type of service in the pediatric healthcare space.

CricketCare-Case Study - Journey Map-2500.jpg

The team and I created a detailed journey map as a tool to help guide the user experience design for Cricket Health's mobile application. It represents a synthesis from series of collaborative work sessions that included key stakeholders from both Cricket and Originate design team. 

The map breaks the service down into 6 primary steps that are shared between both the provider (Nurse/Practitioner) and the customer (Family/Patient). Additionally we’ve captured key goals, and corresponding features for each step.

Journey Map.jpg
Screenshot 2018-07-17 21.58.38.png

While designing the user experience we created multiple proof-of-concept prototypes that we tested with families, parents, and caregivers. Based on our user research the customer journey evolved into; connect (research, discover and contact childcare providers), schedule (arrange and manage appointments with doctors, nurses, or specialists) and finally, confirm (users track expected arrival, and communicate with or cancel practitioners).


I led the branding and visual design team to develop a compelling identity system that fit the creative brief of giving this new service a friendly and distinctive look in the pediatric healthcare space.